PA Sales Tax on & Internet Purchases

The PA Dept of Revenue has recently decided to better enforce state law regarding when a merchant must collect and remit sales tax in the state of PA. Previously many online retailers were able to sell items to PA residents without charging them sales tax. Now, as of September 1st 2012, the rules have changed and gigantic online retailer has agreed to play by the rules. Any online business that has a ‘nexus’ in PA such as a warehouse or any employee or contractor presence must register for a sales tax license and pay sales tax.

Why does this matter to a gun dealer you ask..? sells just about everything; and consumer goods relating to guns and sporting goods is no exception. It was a great place to purchase optics, stocks, cleaning kits, etc without the additional 6% (or more in Pittsburgh & Philadelphia) tacked on for sales tax.

Now the playing field is leveled in a sense. You can go to your local sporting goods retailer and purchase an item on the spot and have it in hand for the same price as online. No shipping fees, no waiting, no hassle.

The biggest thing no matter the price differences online versus a “brick and mortar” store is the customer service. is simply a marketplace and it cannot help answer your questions or help you pick a product tailored to your needs. Your local gun shop can!

News Articles: <EDIT: Link no longer active>

Buy local, support local; especially small businesses! Happy shopping…