** We’re the only shop around Pittsburgh, PA currently offering same day laser receiver marking! Most local shops are backlogged 3+ weeks, so call today! **

We offer in-house laser firearms engraving using the latest computerized fiber laser technology to provide a proper marking to ATF spec, a great clone firearm or just fun cosmetic artwork. Clone type and retro rollmark logos for the AR-15 and other platforms is our specialty! Most services are available while you wait at our shop, drop off or ship us parts from anywhere in the country for fast service. Let our years of laser experience make your next project a success!

Current laser engraving lead-time for orders shipped in is 1-3 days. All normal small orders are prepaid by credit card at booking or check/money order in the box. Prepaid orders are booked, completed and return shipped with tracking as quickly as possible in the order of payment and receipt. 20% off 2nd+ main item with multiple engravings of the same burn, please contact us for bulk orders of 10+. Prices in PA are plus 6% sales tax, orders shipped in will incur a $10-20+ return shipping and handling fee.

Small, deep, standardized personal / trust NAME, CITY & STATE marking fully ATF compliant for firearm receiver and Form 1 SBR / SBS / Silencer creation. Engraving blends in well and can be placed in specialty locations like under the trigger guard, the front of the receiver, flared magwell, etc to keep your firearm looking clean. Exceeds the ATF spec for .003″ depth and 1/16″ high lettering. Currently doing all aluminum and steel firearms AR/AK/HK etc, as well as CZ Scorpion Evo and HK polymer. All laser receiver marking includes touch-up with “cold blue” or “aluminum black” compounds as needed. Please disassemble firearms to allow accessibility to engraving spot. If we can get a straight shot on the area, we can laser in that spot! Some designs, such as round silencer tubes or firearms built from scratch without factory markings will require multiple burns, extra setup time and are subject to additional fees due to the complexity.
Add-On Engravings:
Personal Model Marking (MODEL, CALIBER, SERIAL #) – $25
Logo / Custom – $$$ Varies

Includes full left side AR receiver markings with logo, model text, custom serial number, manufacturer’s markings and selector markings in the left side two/three locations. Additional items can be added as desired, or we can work out custom projects. If you send us a picture of a rollmark we can probably do it! **NOTE: All manufacturer’s markings and logos are trademarked property of the respective manufacturers, and all markings are done as-is as a customer customization artwork service only. We do not break copyright laws and cannot do trademarked markings**
M4A1, M16A1, M16A2, M16A4, 416/417, AR-15, 9mm SMG, GAU-5, XM177, Commando, Sporter, HBAR, C7/C8, Diemaco L119A1, R4, M1919, IDF Uzi, Taiwanese T91 etc!
Add-On Engravings:
NFA / Personal Manufacturer Marking (NAME, CITY & STATE) – $30
Ambi Right Side Selector Markings – $25

“Restricted MIL / GOVT / LE Only” Right Side Magwell Markings – $40
Specialty Markings (Extra Logos, Proof Marks, etc) – Please Email

Let us put your favorite logo, line art, name, part numbers or anything you desire on your favorite metal or polymer products! We can do a deep burn or a white/silver/black frosting type mark depending on the material. We’ve done it all from guns and accessories to wedding favors to industrial parts to bricks and everything in between! Contact us today to discuss your project and pricing.