CDS ARMS / FREEDOM SECURITY offers a broad range of services including sales, transfers, consignments and AR-15/GLOCK gunsmithing including custom builds. Need to buy a new gun? Bought a gun online and need to ship it to a local FFL? Selling a handgun locally and need to transfer it to the new owner? Want a suppressor to quiet down your hunting or home defense gun? Thinking about upgrading your AR-15? We can help with all of these things, so please CONTACT US today!

CDS ARMS stocks some popular firearms from top companies. Looking for something? We can order any firearm and get it to you fast! If you need advice or guidance on your next purchase we have experience with self defense and tactical style weapons and would be glad to make a recommendation. Being a ‘Class 3′ NFA dealer we sell suppressors, short barreled rifles & shotguns, and can help you hunt down a transferable machine gun for your collection. We are also equipped to do demonstrations and sales of modern (post-86’ restricted dealer samples) NFA firearms for law enforcement or qualified agencies.

Our passion and specialty is AR-15 style firearms. Besides selling new black rifles, we build custom AR-15 upper receivers and install your new parts or upgrades. Everything from mild mil-spec AR’s to wild big bore builds and one off customs! If we spec out your new build and provide the parts, we assemble it for free! Want to do your own build? We provide a consulting service to properly spec out your rifle and ensure a 100% success on parts compatibility and fitment! We also assist with receiver engraving and barrel threading so please contact us for more information and see our AR-15 page for specific information.

Unsure how to properly process your ATF NFA paperwork for that Form 1, person-to-person Form 4 or need assistance with legalities of machine guns? We can help! Let our years of expertise on NFA firearms help you to do it right the first time. We offer NFA trusts, ATF eForm1 preparation including all paperwork, fingerprint cards, passport style photo and all mailing.

We offer in-house laser firearms engraving using the latest technology to provide a proper marking to ATF spec, a great clone firearm or just fun cosmetic artwork. Clone and retro rollmark logos for the AR-15 and other platforms is our specialty! Most services are available while you wait, drop off or ship us parts from anywhere in the country! See our LASER ENGRAVING page for full details.

CDS ARMS provides firearms transfers for Internet and out of state orders, or between individuals wishing to sell a gun face to face. Before you buy online email us for a quote as we can likely get you a better deal buying direct!

If you are an individual trying to send us a firearm, please see our NOTICE TO NON-LICENSEES. For information on NFA firearms sales and transfers please visit the NFA page. All local transfer business is done by appointment to serve your busy schedule best, and all transfer fees are to be paid in advance; pass or fail.

NOTE: Please contact us *before* buying on all transfers and forward shipment tracking! If we do not have tracking info and expect a delivery it may delay your transfer pickup.

No transfer fees for firearms purchased through CDS ARMS! For other firearms purchased online or from other individuals or dealers the following fees apply. Fees include PICS background check charge.
  • $$$ for Title I firearm. Please see home page or contact us for current transfer fee. Additional long-gun, handgun or receiver can be combined in same transfer transaction at a discounted rate. Exact change cash only please.
  • $100 for NFA Title II firearm. Includes ATF Form 4 paperwork preparation and secure storage while your paperwork is in process. Now FREE fingerprinting and passport photos completed on site for up to two NFA co-trustees! Additional trustees above two are $25 each. Please contact us for transfer and insurance rates on high value transferable machine guns.

NOTE: Firearms must arrive in same package for Title I bundle deal and be picked up promptly together in same transaction. Please contact us prior for scenarios requiring multiple transfer vendors. Guns will not be stored for more than a week without prior agreement. Storage fees may be assessed on guns not picked up or abandoned.

Ever sold a firearm online or to someone out of state and realized that shipping the item is much easier and cheaper through a dealer? We ship handguns using USPS Priority to save you money! CDS ARMS will ship your Title I firearm to another dealer for our normal transfer fee(s) plus actual shipping and packaging costs. This allows your shipment to be trouble fee and in compliance with the law at a reduced rate.

Let CDS ARMS help you sell off unused or unwanted firearms and buy something you really want or free up cash! We also offer services to broker NFA firearm sales and transfers with proper terms, as well as help with complicated Estate firearm matters. Contact us today to sell your gun for top dollar with greater exposure on the Internet with CDS ARMS!

We have the most competitive rate around at only a 10% of the selling price consignment fee plus shipping and online auction fees. Minimum fee of $35 consignment fee per item, maximum $1000 on Title I firearms. We work together to determine a minimum sale price. Note, Federal law requires original owner to complete ATF paperwork and undergo a PICS check to receive firearm back if it does not sell in consignment period. Please see our CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT for complete details.

Our experience and knowledge of popular law enforcement firearms provide benefits to your agency. Would your department like to obtain a live fire demonstration of something like a H&K MP5/UMP, a KRISS Vector SMG or a select-fire M4/M16 rifle? How about a full auto Glock? Something big like a belt-fed 50BMG M2HB? We are equipped to provide weapons demonstrations and sales to approved law enforcement and government agencies. With a firearms demo letter written on agency letterhead, we are able to obtain any weapon for a demonstration for your department. We will also happily provide quotes on sales for firearms and gear! CDS ARMS is extremely law enforcement friendly and can provide these unique services to your agency.

Shop hourly rate of $65 per hour for any type of miscellaneous services, with a half hour minimum charge. Please contact us for a quote on your custom work!