Hunting in PA With a Suppressor?

Did you know that hunting with a suppressor (silencer) is LEGAL in PA!

That’s great news for those that want to protect their hearing, shoot more accurately and¬†exercise their rights to own fun NFA weapons! Get your bolt action suppressed rifle ready for deer season this year!

Please always remember to carry a copy of your ATF Form 4 with you when hunting or target shooting. Law enforcement or the PA Game Commission can still decide to speak with you and will likely want to check your documents. To be fair, from their point of view they need to crack down on poachers and people breaking the laws, so be a polite and responsible citizen. Also remember that hunting with a semi-auto or other contraband weapon under PA game laws is still illegal no matter what is hanging off the end of the barrel.

Gemtech (the silencer manufacturing guys) have put together a nice PDF that lists state laws in regards to hunting with silencers. Check it out!