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President & Owner: CDS ARMS, LLC

So You Wanna Build An AR?


Hi, I’m Cory Sementuh and I’m the proud owner and armorer for CDS ARMS / FREEDOM SECURITY. You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in building an AR-15 style rifle/pistol/SBR and want some advice. While this is not a definitive guide, it is a great starting place for the information needed to make good decisions on your AR build. I have learned a ton in my 20+ years in the AR industry and on the innumerable amount of builds, upgrades, modifications and repairs done. Continue reading

ATF Form 1 & Form 4 Trust/Biz Cheat Sheet

** 2022 Edit – The ATF eForms system for eForm 4 has mostly changed this info, but it may still be useful for individual Form 4 transfers that must stay on paper forms for now. **

With the July 13th 2016 ATF rule changes concerning NFA trusts and form submission, here is a reminder on what needs to be done for ATF Forms 1 and 4 submitted by a NFA trust, LLC, corporation or other entity. The NFA Branch is extremely particular on NFA forms and failure to follow all instructions exactly can result in major delays in form processing or denial of forms. Continue reading

Shop Build: Saiga 12 SBS 13″

Here is a Saiga 12 Gauge 13″ short barreled tactical shotgun that has all of the modern touches and ergonomics of the AR platform. This Saiga was first converted from it’s original ‘sporter’ configuration to accept a pistol grip and bolt-on Ace style stocks. 922(r) foreign parts counts are more than satisfied with the plethora of aftermarket parts on this shotgun. Continue reading

Shop Build: Duty / Carry Glock 19

GLOCK Perfection. Need I say more? The Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistols and for a great reason! The Glock 19 Gen 4 is our perfect find for the size, weight, capacity and capability in a pistol. The reasonable price and great availability of magazines and other accessories is the cherry on the top. Continue reading

Shop Build: MK18 AR Carbine

CDS ARMS take on the MK18 platform: This carbine will do it all day and night! Top tier components combine to bring you an AR-15 that is perfect for any mission big or small; from the line of duty, training, range days, or home defense. Full auto, suppressed, night vision compatible, nimble and controllable. Starting with quality receivers, hard use Daniel Defense cold hammer forged barrel, nickel boron bolt carrier group, max suppression by AAC, a dynamite Geissele trigger, quality Aimpoint red dot, and all the bells and whistles make this setup our top pick for the ultimate battle carbine. When quality matters spare no expense and put together your dream carbine. Continue reading

Shop Build: Accuracy Int’l AT 308

Want to really reach out and touch something? Take your average Remington 700 rifle and make it extraordinary with one of the Accuracy International Chassis Systems (AICS). This rifle is a factory Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD 20″ .308 rifle that we upgraded into a highly functional tack driving rifle. Ditching the stock and adding removable mags is one of the best benefits, but the trigger upgrade and other accessories make this rifle my top pick for long range action. Continue reading

Shop Build: 308 AR

Not to be confused with an ‘AR-10’ which is a trademark of Armalite, this 308 caliber platform rifle is based on the SR-25/DPMS design. The biggest benefit is the ability to use the cheap Magpul PMAG magazines and also have a broader selection of parts. This rifle sports an 18″ barrel with silencer which makes it a great setup for work in the field or medium to longer range fun. The optic is a fixed 10x power but swap it out for an adjustable zoom optic for the ability to shoot confidently at most any range under ~800 yards. Continue reading

Mil-Spec VS Commercial Buffer Tubes

AR-15 adjustable buffer tubes (correctly known as ‘receiver extensions’) come in two different sizes. It is important to know which tube you have as this impacts your selection of a buttstock. A mil-spec stock will fit on a commercial tube, but will be wobbly, however a commercial stock will not fit a mil-spec tube at all. Knowing your parts allows you to make the correct choice. Continue reading

NFA Legal Definitions

Ever wonder what makes a machine gun a ‘machine gun’, a short barreled gun a ‘SBR’ or ‘SBS’? What the heck is an ‘AOW’ anyway? The National Firearms Act (NFA) was created back in 1934, and like many laws the implications of the wording don’t always make the most sense. Read on for some simplified explanations. Continue reading

AR versus AK

Things the AR has done that the AK just couldn’t stand up to or stop:
  • Killed Osama bin Laden
  • Won the ground war against the Taliban
  • Won the ground war against the Iraqi Republican Army
  • Won the ground war against the Balkans
  • Won the ground war in Kuwait and Iraq against the Iraqi Army
  • Won the battle that got Noriega
  • Won the ground war in Grenada
  • Israel used it against its enemies from the early 70’s to the late 90’s
  • Killed a lot more Vietcong than Vietcong killed Americans

Ethnicity & Race According to the ATF

The ATF decided to make some small changes to the form 4473 on July 9th, 2012. This is the form that is filled out when buying any firearm from a dealer. They made things clear on residency rules for non-immigrant aliens, and they also are now collecting more concise information on ‘ethnicity’ & ‘race’. Continue reading