Shop Build: Duty / Carry Glock 19

GLOCK Perfection. Need I say more? The Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistols and for a great reason! The Glock 19 Gen 4 is our perfect find for the size, weight, capacity and capability in a pistol. The reasonable price and great availability of magazines and other accessories is the cherry on the top. This pistol package is a daily concealed carry piece by many. The most important accessory for your carry gun is the weapons light hands down. If you ever need to deploy your carry pistol it is likely going to be at night, and positive target identification is a must. The threaded barrel isn’t for everyone, but the Tritium night sights in any configuration are a worthy upgrade. The Gen 4 pistols have a very good ergonomics out of the box, but a minus connect and extended mag release and slide lock make for a quicker to handle gun. The Glock factory two round extensions are fantastic for keeping a Glock 17 mag holding 19 additional rounds on your support side. The KT-Mech Kydex holster is a solution that is solid and works well for inside or outside the waistband carry at a great price.

shop_build_g19g4BUILD LIST
Glock 19 Gen 4 9mm Pistol
Gemtech Threaded Barrel 1/2″-28
Ameriglo Raised Tritium Night Sights
Glock Maritime Spring Cups
Glock 3.5lb (-) Connector
Glock Extended Magazine Release
Glock Extended Slide Lock
Glock +2 Magazine Extension
Surefire X300 Ultra Weaponslight
KT-Mech Kydex Holster
KT-Mech Inside Waist Band Loops