Shop Build: 308 AR

Not to be confused with an ‘AR-10’ which is a trademark of Armalite, this 308 caliber platform rifle is based on the SR-25/DPMS design. The biggest benefit is the ability to use the cheap¬†Magpul PMAG magazines and also have a broader selection of parts. This rifle sports an 18″ barrel with silencer which makes it a great setup for work in the field or medium to longer range fun. The optic is a fixed 10x power but swap it out for an adjustable zoom optic for the ability to shoot confidently at most any range under ~800 yards.

shop_build_ar308BUILD LIST – LOWER
SI-Defense Billet Lower Receiver
Bill Springfield Modified Target Trigger
KNS Precision Mod 2 Anti Rotation Trigger Pins
Battle Arms Development BAD-ASS Selector
Mil-Spec A2 Receiver Extension Tube & A2 Buffer
Magpul AR-10 Precision Rifle Stock
Parker Mountain Machine PRS QD Sling Mount
AccuPod Monopod
Ergo SureGrip Ambi Pistol Grip
Magpul PMAG 25 LR/SR GEN M3 Window Magazine
Magpul PMAG 762 Ranger Plate

SI-Defense Billet Upper Receiver
Rainier Arms Select 18″ 416R Stainless .308 Barrel 1×11 Twist¬†Midlength Gas
Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group
Advanced Armament Corp 51T Brakeout 2.0 Silencer Mount
Advanced Armament Corp 762-SDN-6 7.62 Silencer
Rainier Arms Raptor Charging Handle
Daniel Defense LITE 12.0 Rail
Fortis QD Rail Mount
Magpul / Ergo Ladder Rail Covers
Troy Ind Battlesights Front & Rear Iron Sights
American Defense RECON Optics Mount
SWFA SuperSniper 10×42 MilDot Scope
Butler Creek Flip Up Scope Covers
GG&G Picatinny Bipod